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  • Looking for staff
  • Looking for employment
  • Looking to start your own labour hire and recruitment agency

Looking for staff?

We currently have a large and growing database of active candidates so we can confidently fill most urgent requests that you may have. If we don’t have anyone to meet your needs, our skilled recruiters will get right to work in sourcing you the best possible talent. Our extensive advertising strategy continually attracts, and our screening processes ensure that every applicant is professionally qualified and on-boarded.

Looking for Work?

Our national network of local recruiters understand the changing workplace landscape and what locals are looking for. They are experts in matching workers with workplaces. We understand that you may be looking for flexibility in working hours, so we have casual, temporary, permanent and shift work roles available to suit you.

What is Labour Hire?

Labour hire is the concept of outsourcing a business’ full recruitment and employment process to an agency. The agency takes care of the entire hiring process, including payroll, superannuation, tax, and ensures that the workers provided meet the needs and expectations of the client company.

Labour hire agency staff that are provided to a business are in fact employed by the labour hire agency and are ‘leased’ temporarily to the client/company in exchange for a fee.

This employment arrangement differs from the more traditional forms of employment, which usually occurs in-house.

Benefits for Employers

Labour hire has been increasingly used by businesses as it provides a way for them to be flexible and scale their workforce up (or down) when required. This is particularly important for the mining and construction industries, as the work available is dependent on stages of the project. Labour hire also provides businesses with a time and cost-effective way to recruit people as it reduces the burden of the administration associated with hiring, as well as the ongoing payroll requirements.

Benefits for Employees

Employees also benefit from working with a labour hire agency as they can be directly matched with job opportunities that are best suited to their skills, qualifications and availability. Labour hire gives employees flexibility in their work life, since the jobs are often casual or temporary.

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