Workforce Extensions is Australia's largest owner operator franchise recruitment network and we can extend your potential by helping you find staff, find employment or help you start your own recruitment and labour hire business.

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We currently have a large and growing database of active candidates so we can confidently fill most requests across many industries. If we don’t immediately have anyone to meet your needs, our skilled recruiters will get right to work in sourcing you the best possible talent. Our extensive advertising continually attracts candidates, and our screening processes ensure that applicants are qualified, prepared and onboarded appropriately. We work as an extension of your business to identify and locate the best talent for your needs.

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Our national network of local recruiters are experts in matching workers with workplaces. We understand the changing needs of workplaces and workers, and understand that flexibility is important, so we have casual, temporary, permanent and shift work roles across many industries available to suit you.

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What is Labour Hire?

Labour hire is the outsourcing of a business’ recruitment and employment processes to an agency. The agency takes care of the end to end hiring process, including payroll, superannuation, tax, and ensures that the workers meet the needs and expectations of the client company.

Labour hire agency staff are employed by the labour hire agency and are ‘leased’ temporarily to the client/company in exchange for a fee.

There are benefits to both employers and employees in using labour hire agencies.

Benefits for Employers

Labour hire provides an avenue for businesses to be flexibly scale their workforce up or down when required. This is particularly important in some industries like mining and construction, as work availability is dependent on the stage of the project.

Labour hire can also assist in industries such as healthcare and aged care where short term assistance from qualified professionals is needed.

Labour hire provides businesses with a time and cost-effective way to recruit without the upfront and ongoing administrative burden.

Benefits for Employees

Employees benefit from working with labour hire agencies as they can be directly matched with job opportunities that are best suited to their skills, qualifications and availability.

Labour hire ensures that employees have a regular weekly payroll cycle regardless of the payroll policies of the organisations they are placed in.

Labour hire gives employees flexibility in their work life, since the jobs are often casual or temporary.

Labour hire agencies place emphasis on enhancing the experience of their candidates, offering top-notch services and perks to retain valuable talent.

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