This blog offers FIFO workers a number of tips on how to best balance their work lives.


What is FIFO?

Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) refers to employment which is undertaken in shifts, where workers are rostered on for a particular number of days on site and then transported back to their homes for a period of rest. FIFO work is often utilised in sectors such as mining, oil & gas, construction and certain healthcare industries where the projects are typically located in remote sites that workers travel to and from on a repeating basis.

FIFO jobs can be very rewarding, but present some unique challenges when it comes to work-life balance. Individuals can be impacted by many aspects of FIFO work including isolation leading to mood changes or negative mental health effects, difficulties with relationships, fatigue, stress, missing significant events in the lives of loved ones, and a lessened sense of belonging

Check out these 8 practical ideas to help keep your FIFO work and lifestyle balanced:

Plan your downtime

With FIFO it’s all about the schedule. While your work schedule is often extended, so is your downtime. So plan your time off to take advantage of opportunities such as mini getaways! Whether you jet off for an exotic escape or head home for some much needed rest, a plan is key to make the most of it without overcommitting yourself.

Pack like a pro

Packing can be the worst part about heading away anywhere, but not once you have it down to an art! Make a checklist so that packing each time is seamless and nothing important gets left behind. Consider investing in luggage that will make the constant transitions smoother.

Stay connected with friends and family

Make sure you’re connecting with your support networks wherever you are. Embrace technology to keep in touch: Facetime, calls, emails and social media can help bridge the gap and make the distance more manageable.


Having a FIFO healthcare job can be especially emotionally and physically demanding, so prioritising your own wellbeing is important. Make time for things you love, whether that’s some exercise, meditation or watching some of your favourite TV so that your mental and emotional wellbeing are maintained, and you feel recharged and ready to head back to work.


Although this also fits into self-care, exercise is an essential part of maintaining balance in your FIFO life. Find an activity you enjoy doing and try and spend 30-60 minutes a day getting active. This can help by enhancing your energy levels, your mood and your immune system.

Manage your money

Having a FIFO job can often mean earning more than you would otherwise, so it’s important to have a budget and make sure you’re saving or investing for your future, or maximising your money as well as possible.

Get involved

Make some connections with the local community by getting involved in local events, volunteering, connecting with local colleagues or just getting out and about where possible so that you can find a little piece of home wherever you are and have a fulfilling experience.

Find your FIFO friends

There are thousands of people working FIFO jobs, so seek others out and connect and learn from each other.

Having a FIFO job can often feel like living a double life, so by adopting some of these hacks in your life you’re more likely to be able to make FIFO work for you.

Interested in a remote healthcare job?

We have several FIFO opportunities available across the country, for more information contact us.

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