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Have you been considering starting your own recruitment agency? If you have a passion for relationship building and experience as a recruiter, now is the ideal time to venture into agency ownership. Take charge of your future and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. The Australian job market consistently demands skilled employees and efficient hiring processes, presenting a landscape rich with potential no matter your chosen industry or specialty.

The exciting path to starting a business

Starting a business can be really exciting, but there is a lot to think about and plan for, especially in a competitive sector like recruitment. Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Opting for a franchise model, such as Workforce Extensions, means you’re not setting up on your own – you’re entering a proven system with a supportive National Office, franchisee network and established brand to support you at every step.

Workforce Extensions – a proven business model

Establishing a recruitment business in Australia involves strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and a robust operational framework. Workforce Extensions provides the blueprint for a successful launch. With a minimal financial outlay to enter the program it’s no surprise agency recruiters choose Workforce Extensions to launch their agency. Daniel Robinson, Director of Workforce Extensions FNQ Health says, “becoming a Workforce Extensions Franchisee was a breeze. The upfront cost was really manageable, and the National Office support has been top-notch. Just knowing that they have a dedicated team to assist with your first few months is encouraging.” With Workforce Extensions by your side, you can tackle challenges with confidence and ease. A franchise with Workforce Extensions is tailored to alleviate the burdens of aspiring recruitment business owners.

Workforce Extensions handles some of the toughest aspects of recruitment agency ownership for you, so you can stick to the core activities of relationship building and pairing clients with candidates.

  • Say goodbye to the stresses of payroll funding and invoicing: Cash is king when running a business, that’s why Workforce Extensions National Office funds weekly payroll to alleviate financial pressure on the franchisee. The national office handles on-hired staff payments and generates client invoices on a weekly basis, ensuring your financial peace of mind.
  • We chase your debtors so you don’t have to: Dealing with debtors and managing credit can be a daunting task. Workforce Extensions takes the responsibility of chasing debtors, managing credit insurance, and handling payment allocations, offering you peace of mind.
  • Marketing support that brings in leads for your business: Workforce Extensions covers everything from website and social media development to local area marketing and digital campaigns, empowering you to leverage the renowned Workforce Extensions brand.
  • Tap into ready-to-go, tried-and-true workflows: Access the Operations Manual, a comprehensive guide containing essential documentation, policies, and procedures, crucial for successful end-to-end recruitment. Streamline your operations using tried-and-tested workflows.
  • Access industry-leading IT systems and technology: Workforce Extensions equip you with top-tier software systems, enabling efficient business operations whether you’re in your office, working from home, or on the go. Stay ahead with technology that supports your growth.
  • ISO Accreditations that assure your clients, giving them peace of mind: Promote confidence in your business by leveraging ISO accreditation in Safety, Quality, and Environmental standards. Your clients will trust your commitment to excellence and responsibility.
  • Hit the ground running with thorough initial training: Kickstart your journey with tailored in-person training at the Workforce Extensions National Office, ensuring you and your business are set up correctly for a strong foundation.
  • Continuous training and on-call support for when you get stuck along the way: Commitment to your success doesn’t end after the initial training. National Office provide ongoing support, working closely with you and your team to ensure smooth operations. Rest assured, whenever you need assistance, help is just a phone call away.

With Workforce Extensions, you not only embrace a proven business model but also leverage decades of industry expertise, setting the stage for a rewarding and profitable journey as a business owner.

Curious about the ins and outs of starting a recruitment agency in Australia? You’re not alone. Let’s dive into the key questions you might have.


Do I need a licence to start a recruitment agency in Australia? 

Labour hire licensing requirements vary by state, see the links to read about the differing requirements across Australia QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, TAS, ACT, NT Compliance with relevant laws and regulations is essential, and Workforce Extensions assists franchisees in navigating these requirements seamlessly from registering a business name, through to obtaining the correct insurances and licences.

What are the challenges of starting a recruitment agency in Australia?

Starting any business presents its own set of challenges. The complexities surrounding PAYG tax, pay-roll tax, superannuation, and Workcover can pose significant hurdles. However, with the support and expert guidance offered by Workforce Extensions, seemingly daunting tasks become manageable.

What is the cost of starting a recruitment agency in Australia?

Starting your own recruitment agency can be financially demanding, particularly without guidance. Workforce Extensions offers a solution tailored to your needs. Through a modest onboarding fee, covering comprehensive training, setup costs, marketing campaigns, and other essential activities, Workforce Extensions lowers financial barriers and bridges critical knowledge gaps.

Can starting a recruitment agency be a profitable venture?

Yes, initiating a recruitment agency can indeed be profitable, especially with the backing of a reputable franchisor like Workforce Extensions who can equip you with everything you need to grow a profitable business.

With Workforce Extensions, you will receive unparalleled support to establish and grow your own business. Explore the possibilities within the recruitment landscape by joining our expanding network of successful franchisees.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a rewarding career in recruitment?
Contact Workforce Extensions today to explore franchise ownership for yourself.

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