This blog outlines innovative ways to attract and engage top talent in the workplace


The world of recruitment is ever changing, so employers are discovering innovative ways to connect and engage with their ideal candidates. This list includes ways to attract top talent but also engage with them in a meaningful way.

Share your company’s personality

In today’s job market, showcasing your company’s brand and personality on social media can be a game changer. Top talent is drawn to organisations with character and who stand for something that aligns with their values.

Spotlight your remarkable employees

Highlight the unique personalities, talents, and stories of your employees on social media and your website. Encourage them to participate in videos or share testimonials about their experience with the company. Share pictures from their first day or celebrate special moments publicly.

Transform into content creators

Encourage business owners, senior leaders, and experts within the organisation to contribute articles to industry publications. This not only raises awareness of the company but also showcases the calibre of thought leadership within your ranks.

Craft a compelling recruitment video

Create a video that illustrates the brand story and showcases all the great things employees enjoy as part of the team. Make the video accessible on the company careers page, website and social media.

Host engaging virtual events

Depending on your hiring needs, consider hosting a virtual careers fair or a broader event on a topic of expertise relevant to your business. This could feature a guest speaker or be as low key as a casual Facebook Live session. It’s an excellent way to capture the interest of candidates spread across different geographic locations.

Welcome back past employees

Rehiring former employees has multiple advantages. They are already familiar with your systems and processes, and you have insights into their past performance and behaviours. Build a list of previously high-performing employees who might be candidates to re-engage for the future.

Incentivise referrals

Consider offering rewards, whether monetary or otherwise, to employees who successfully refer top talent. Research suggests that a successful referral can save recruiters up to three full work days in resume shortlisting alone. Current employees have a vested interest in bringing in people who will make the workload lighter. So while the referral bonus will help, the workload sharing aspect also contributes.

Recruit students and volunteers

Universities and training organisations are rich resources of potential talent. Host events or competitions specifically designed for students. Additionally, volunteer opportunities can serve as a unique way to get to know potential candidates and bring brand advocates in the door.

Add a personal touch to your email signature

Incorporate a hiring message into your email signature. You never know the career intentions of someone on the other end of your email, and it could be the gentle nudge someone needs to explore job opportunities within your company.

Spread the word

Don’t keep your hiring needs a secret. Inform your friends, family and networks. Sometimes a hidden gem may emerge from an unexpected corner of your connections.

Collaborate with industry associations

Reach out to industry associations to let them know about your hiring needs. They might have connections with student organisations or offer insights on mutually beneficial hiring practices.

Stay informed

Monitor platforms like LinkedIn for people who may have recently faced redundancy or are actively seeking new opportunities. Keep an eye on news about companies undergoing mass changes in staff, as this could be an opportunity to seek some of their past employees out.

Enhance your offer

Consider offering additional benefits, such as caregiver support programs, childcare services, and wellness perks. Create educational opportunities and develop mentorship and sponsorship programs to attract and retain top talent.

Embrace flexible workforces

Consider leveraging labour hire or freelancers to address shortfalls in your team or to evaluate potential long-term employees. This flexible approach allows you to quickly adapt to changing needs, ensuring your organisation remains agile and responsive to evolving demands.

Using a combination of these strategies can help you find the perfect team members to fit the job requirements and align with your company’s culture and vision.

If you need any assistance finding the right staff for your business, contact us today.

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