This blog offers a valuable overview of some key tips for finding a job in Australia.


In today’s highly competitive job market, finding new employment can often be a very challenging process particularly if you have limited work experience or are an international candidate new to Australia. 

Facing job-postings with hundreds of other applicants, unrealistic experience requirements and slow or non-existent response rates, it can be easy to start to lose motivation in your job search as time passes.

If this sounds all-to-familiar, we’re here to help. Simply read through our list of handy tips for finding a job below, or better still, contact your local Workforce Extensions office and let them place you in the right role for your skills and experience!

Research your market

An important first step to any job search is research. While many skills and roles are in high demand around Australia, others are less so or may fit into job markets which are already over-saturated. It’s crucial to hold a good understanding of the industry and role type you are applying for to pinpoint your best opportunities for success.


As you begin looking into possible jobs, reaching out to key contacts such as recruiters to let them know you are searching and highlight your relevant skills and experience can be an effective way of standing out from the crowd of applicants. Wherever possible, it’s best to reach out over the phone – this provides a more personal touch point than email or message and increases the likelihood they will remember your conversation when they are sorting through applications or looking to fill job openings. 

Review your resume

A concise and clear resume is a crucial part of a strong application to ensure you put your best foot forward to be considered for an interview. For international applicants, it is important that overseas qualifications and roles are applicable and easily understood in an Australian context. For more information on writing a resume that stands out, click here.

Tailor your applications

A common trap many job seekers can fall into is re-using the exact same resume and cover letter for applications to a range of different jobs. To maximise your chances of being shortlisted, your resume and cover letter should be customised to the individual requirements and description for each specific job application so that only your skills, responsibilities and achievements which relate directly to the position are included. 

Be flexible

Especially early in your career, it may be unlikely that you are going to land your dream role straight away. If you have been applying for a while without luck, it might be time to consider broadening your search to include other industries or job types. Opening yourself up to temporary, part-time or contract work can provide valuable experience and skills to add to your resume, and can often lead to longer term offers or assist you in developing key contacts who will be able to assist in your job search down the track. 

Stay persistent!

Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s crucial to stay upbeat through your search and recognise that finding a job can take time – there’s always plenty of other people out there in the same position as you are! The ability to stay motivated and positive throughout the process will hold you in good stead to be ready to put your best foot forward and take the right opportunity when it comes.

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