This blog provides an overview into some of the benefits of outsourcing recruitment.


Typically known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), outsourcing within the recruitment industry involves an employer transferring part or all of their recruitment process to an external partner.

While traditionally many businesses have been reluctant to outsource such a crucial aspect of their operations, being the short-listing and hiring of new staff, over the last decade more and more companies have turned to external recruitment as an effective way to streamline and improve hiring processes.

Below we outline just a few of the many benefits that come with implementing RPO, and shed a light on how it could provide your business with a competitive advantage.

Reduced time to Hire

Traditionally, recruiting new staff has often been a time-consuming process as HR or internal recruitment departments work through the process while simultaneously balancing many other tasks and responsibilities. With a sole focus on filling your staffing needs, the RPO model provides a highly efficient and streamlined hiring process which has been refined over time to deliver you the right candidates as quickly as possible and mitigate possible delays along the way.

Access a Greater Talent Pool

One of the key advantages of utilising RPO is the subsequent access to an established pool of candidates which can be used to find the best available talent for the role at hand. External recruiters are much more likely to have increased reach and access to potential candidates with strong skills and experience who they have communicated with for other roles, meaning that they will be able to provide you with the best possible staff for your needs.


It is normal for many businesses to experience peaks and troughs in their staffing requirements, and hiring internally through these periods of shifting needs can prove costly if handled in isolation. The RPO model offers the option to scale recruitment activity up and down as needed to meet the needs of the business without having to draw from extra resources or inconsistent costs. This is particularly important for companies that are expanding or opening new locations where many hires are needed in a short period of time.

Lower Cost

For many companies, recruitment periods can see their costs soar with head-hunters, job boards and high turn-over generally proving expensive. Turning to RPO provides an integrated recruitment solution where costs are consistent with your pre-defined budget and come with the assurance of delivering quality candidates without the potential for skyrocketing costs or extensive delays.

Access Beneficial Analytics

While often initially overlooked as a benefit, RPO can provide a range of highly informative data over the course of single or multiple hires which can be analysed to pre-empt talent requirements or balance supply and demand. Data and insights on hiring trends and candidate market preferences not only allows for real-time reporting, but can play an important role in helping to shape recruitment processes and hiring strategies moving forward.

Is your business ready to hand over the stress of filling your recruitment needs and get back to focusing on what really matters? Simply get in touch with your local Workforce Extensions office today to discuss how WE can fill your hiring needs.

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